Basic Commands for Golden Retriever Puppy Training

Published: 27th October 2010
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It is a known fact that owning a golden retriever is so much fun however; it is also coupled with a lot of responsibilities. A responsible owner must also bear in mind that he needs to start with the golden retriever puppy training as soon as possible. Some might even still be wondering why a puppy should be trained in the first place when training a puppy is very time consuming. Well, these people must understand that it will be much more difficult to deal with the dog’s bad habits if he grows up untrained. Training a golden retriever puppy can be a bit tough because they can really not learn a lot when they are still too small. You will need to be very patient in teaching your golden retriever. You need to begin with teaching him basic commands one step at a time. The golden retriever must be able to master the first training before you jump off to another training. Thus, starting off with the most basic puppy command to train a golden retriever puppy is the best way to start. Some basic commands can start order in the puppy’s life so when they get older, more training can be started.

The idea of training a puppy is by making use of a non word command and using hand gestures to show them what you want them to do. You must also understand that puppies have a very short attention span so long sessions of training will not be beneficial to both the puppy and the owner. Practicing several sessions of 10 minutes each per day will bring forth a good result. Never also forget that retrievers loves to be rewarded, so never forget those little puppy treats for every perfectly accomplished commands.

To begin with your puppy training, start with the most basic commands such as "sit", "stay", and "come". Use a one word command. Your dog will not get it if you will stay "stop running around the house". Instead you must say, "goldie, sit", or "goldie stay". The best way to say these commands is by saying the dogs name followed by the command. Training must be started by using the name of the dog right from the very start. It is highly recommended to use the puppy’s name as much as possible until you notice that he is beginning to understand that he is responding to his name and with the command that goes with it very well.

Aside from the fact that golden retrievers are very intelligent, it is also a proven fact that it is the sound that the dogs get used to. You are wrong if you are thinking that your dog understands the words you’re saying if you’re angry. What he understands is that the tone of your voice changes which means that you are not happy. Therefore, if you are training your dog, use a firm voice so that they would recognize that you mean business when you give command.

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