Dealing with a Golden Retriever Pregnancy

Published: 20th October 2010
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These days more and more people are breeding golden retrievers. This is because the dog’s fun, affectionate, loyal, and friendly features have encouraged a lot of consumers into actually owning one for their household. Golden retriever puppies are very saleable in any pet shop because no customer can resist the cute and chubby faces.

Breeding goldens are not as carefree as it sounds. It can be very challenging especially when you do not have the skills to do so. It is a business that should be taken seriously.

So how do you deal with a golden retriever pregnancy?

It all starts from the day of studding and making sure to count 60 to 62 days onwards. The pregnancy will usually lasts between 60 to 62 days. After a few days from the time of the mating, you should be able to see some transparent discharge from its vulva. However, if the discharge is cloudy or if it bears another color, or if you could see some blood on it, it is important to take the dog to the veterinarian to have it checked. The cloudy or tainted discharge may be a sign of infection that needs to be taken cared of immediately.

During the time of your dog’s pregnancy, be constantly on the lookout for any signs that you think may have gone wrong. It is normal for the dog to feel lazy during the first few weeks and this could be also accompanied by morning sickness. However, if you notice the dog has gone unnaturally weaker, cannot move on its own, or has an elevated temperature higher than the normal, then it is wise to see a veterinarian immediately to have her condition assessed.

Just like a pregnant woman, your dog’s appetite may also change. She may appear to be constantly hungry all the time or she may be picky on certain foods. If she turns out to be picky, it is best to find the right food for her to eat. The first thing a pregnant golden retriever needs is adequate nutrition.

If you are unsure whether your dog is pregnant or not, then take her to the vet to get her tested. A veterinarian will usually order a blood test to check the presence of a pregnancy hormone. An ultrasound can also be performed to check for any sign of heartbeat.

At the time of your dog’s pregnancy you’ll notice that your dog will become more rounded or fatter. Her nipples will appear to be swollen as well. This is in preparation for the milk that the puppies will need when they are born. So don’t get overly concerned if you see your golden retriever start to get fat.

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