Eye color of the Leopard Gecko

Published: 20th October 2010
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The variation in the eye color of the leopard gecko will differ from one leopard gecko to another. Every leopard gecko has a unique color of the eyed. Therefore, determining if the eye color of your leopard gecko is normal will require sufficient knowledge about the nature of the breed. You need to be well equipped with the knowledge about the different characteristics of the leopard gecko.

In the world of leopard gecko, the greatest achievement of leopard gecko breeders is to be able to create a morph in the variety of leopard geckos. Not only should the patterns and the background should become morphs but so are the color of their eyes.

Normally, the leopard geckos that are found in the wild have a dark, slightly metallic tinged color of the eyes. The eyes of the leopard gecko are very sensitive to light, thus making it very adaptable in the dark but very sensitive during the day. This characteristic is very important because leopard geckos are nocturnal; meaning, they are most active at night. They hunt for food during the night, thus they need clearer vision at night time. This is also the reason why during day time, the pupils of the leopard gecko closes up into slits. This ability enables them to protect their eyes from the bright light; a known defense mechanism of leopard gecko. Light in day time can seriously damage the eyes of the leopard geckos.

Morphs in leopard geckos created a characteristic of a "snake eyes" or also termed as eclipse. This eye characteristic is found in leopard gecko morphs with a solid black eye instead of metallic tinged eyes. This makes it very difficult for an ordinary person to distinguish the pupils from the iris.

Next to solid black eyes are the solid red eyes or the ruby eyes. This characteristic is caused by the albinism of the leopard gecko. Albinos have no dark pigments. The same goes with their eyes. Albino leopard geckos have no dark pigment in the eyes that will be able to hide the underlying blood vessels of the retina which will result to an eye which appears to be red. Leopard geckos that are albinos will not necessarily possess this characteristic. However an incubation of a high temperature that reaches up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit will increase the chances of developing red eyes. On the other hand, albinos which do not have a red eye may have beige ones. Among the identified strains of albino leopard gecko, the bell albino strain has the reddest eye. They are also more likely to retain the red color of their eyes until adulthood.

The yellow colored eye is not yet confirmed if it really does exist. But according to the creator of the Tremper Albino named Ron Tremper, he was able to produce a new morph which has a yellow colored eyes which he called as "Xanthic". The color of the eyes of this morph has a spectrum of bright yellow to rich gold.

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